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Marisa Matias announces presidential bid

Marisa Matias, Left Bloc’s MEP, has announced that she is running for president.
Foto de Paulete Matos

On October 18, the national leadership of the Left Bloc had announced that the party would support Marisa’s presidential bid. Today, Marisa Matias presented her presidential program publically. According to Marisa, the goal of her candidacy is “to defeat the project of the elite” and to end austerity.

 Marisa Matias added that she shall defend the welfare state and the rights of the people who are retired, she will prevent the destruction of the workers’ constitutional rights and she shall fight against poverty, unemployment and gender violence. “We cannot have for President someone who thinks that women should be sentenced to jail when they choose to have an abortion”, she added, indirectly referring to Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, the candidate for the right wing.

“I am running for president hoping to contribute to a new and fairer country”, Marisa said. She concluded highlighting the difference brought by her candidacy: “Portugal is changing and we can’t let the presidency remain the same as always. There is a different way of doing politics. That difference is what I am offering you and it is on behalf of that difference that I am running for president.”

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