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Marisa Matias is a candidate for the Presidency of the Portuguese Republic – a candidacy against fear

This will be the 2nd time Marisa Matias will run for President of the Republic, having obtained 10.12% of the votes in the 2016 presidential elections.
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Marisa Matias, European MEP for Bloco de Esquerda, presented her candidacy for the next Portuguese presidential elections, which will take place at the end of January 2021.

Her presentation was held in Lisbon, at Largo do Carmo, a symbolic location of the Carnation Revolution and was attended by several professionals who were (and are) at the forefront of the fight against the pandemic, including nurses, private security guards, informal caregivers, medical assistants, public transport drivers, urban waste workers, social action volunteers, among others.

In her speech, Marisa Matias presented herself as “socialist, secular and republican” and spoke about the necessary secularity of the State and of the educational system, about the National Health Service and about the “heroism of health professionals and of so many other workers”.

“Freedom and security are my struggles. It is the second time that I run for President of the Republic and I will do the whole campaign like this, listening, giving voice to fearless people, supporting the courage of those who take care of others. Portugal needs to know who they are and to hear who triumphs over fear”, declared Marisa Matias.

Candidate Marisa Matias pointed out she is “a candidate to face off current President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa – not to criticise him, but to mark differences. I am not a candidate for party games, for reckonings, for protagonisms. I like what I do: I fulfil the mandate for which I have been elected, I am always happy to give my contribution and, if I am running in this election, it is because of the enthusiasm and confidence in your words, in your experience, in your life, in the strength that we can give to Portugal".

The candidate guided her speech by the conviction that “Portugal needs a socialist policy, because it is a policy for employment, for the end of precariousness and for the respect for wages and pensions that should guide us in the most difficult months of our century, the time of a crisis that will still worsen and that, on election day, will still be making victims”.

This is a candidacy against fear and “here I am for that. You already know me; my name is Marisa Matias and I’m going to fight with you”.

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