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Artigo | 16 de September

Throwing money directly at banks doesn’t work because banks want to reduce their balance and are more likely to invest it in speculative ventures than the real economy. By Mariana Mortágua.

Artigo | 20 de April

The use of offshore accounts to hide money or pay less tax is much older and more widespread than people think. By Mariana Mortágua.

Artigo | 3 de March

The German Finance Minister did not find a better explanation for the ‘nervousness’ in the market than the Portuguese government budget, the one that dared, however timidly, make some self-determination count. By Mariana Mortágua.

Artigo | 8 de February

Marisa Matias dared, and with her boldness showed that, in politics as in life, the scrip is not yet written. By Mariana Mortágua.

Artigo | 28 de January

We live in a country of moderation. Only the Left is radical, because the Right is always considered, centrist, sensible and, well, moderate. By Mariana Mortágua.

Artigo | 22 de January

We need to stop taxpayers’ money acting as a guarantee that mismanagement in private banking is a crime that pays. By Mariana Mortágua.