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Artigo | 25 de March

The response to the pandemic crisis requires both health measures as well as economic and social protection measures.

Artigo | 20 de March

Speech by Catarina Martins in the March 18th parliamentary debate on declaring the State of Emergency in Portugal due to the Covid-19 pandemic crisis.

Artigo | 31 de January

Catarina Martins, in a press conference held on January 9, clarified that the negotiation “took place in difficult conditions”, adding that there are “still open questions” but several others are “guaranteed” and written on paper.

Artigo | 31 de January

Bloco de Esquerda strongly condemns this military aggression and the war campaign against the peoples of Iran and Iraq and associates with all initiatives and voices seeking to silence the drums of war.

Artigo | 31 de January

The 16-year-old Swedish activist arrived in Lisbon on December 3, 2019, where she stayed for a few days before leaving for the 2019 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 25). Catarina Martins, the national coordinator of Bloco de Esquerda, went to Madrid, to participate in several demonstrations of the counter-summit for climate change.

Artigo | 31 de January

Irish unity will need time do properly plan and debate, but that respectful discussion is already under way in Ireland - north and south.

Artigo | 14 de January

Speech by Catarina Martins at the 6th Party Congress of the Party of the European Left, December, 2019

Artigo | 25 de October

Bloco de Esquerda consolidated its position as the third political force in Portugal, maintaining the 19 MPs it had elected in 2015, with 10,01% and 500,017 of the votes, on an election in which the Socialist Party (PS) won the legislative elections without achieving an absolute majority (36,34% of the votes, electing 108 MPs).

Artigo | 25 de October

At present times, unimaginable scenarios of human rights violations and misuse of power are developing in several places around the world. As such, although other scenarios of political and social tensions may be developed, let us focus on the present circumstances taking place in Catalonia.

Artigo | 5 de July

In the European elections of 2019, Bloco de Esquerda affirms itself as the third most voted political force, doubling the number of seats (electing Marisa Matias and José Gusmão) and going from 4.56% to 10.56%.

Artigo | 5 de July

It must be stressed that the demand of fighting climate change has been on Bloco de Esquerda’s political agenda for a long time, both at the European and national levels, expressed by different voices within the party.

Artigo | 29 de June

O trabalho e suas lutas estão em debate este fim de semana  num curso livre promovido pela Cultra no Porto, em parceria com 15 organizações de trabalhadores. Até final de Domingo, serão 12 sessões sobre os mais variados temas.


Artigo | 1 de May

A message for May Day signed by Ali Esbati (MP from Vänsterpartiet, Sweden); Idoia Villanueva (senator and candidate to the European Parliament, Unidas Podemos, Spain); José Gusmão (candidate to the European Parliament, Bloco de Esquerda, Portugal); Leila Chaibi (candidate to the European Parliament, La France Insoumise, France); Nikolaj Villumsen (MP and candidate to the European Parliament, the Red-Green Alliance, Denmark). 

Artigo | 1 de March

The parliamentary leader of Bloco, Pedro Filipe Soares, mentioned that “the Venezuelan people’s desire to be able to freely and sovereignly decide their future is an aspiration we subscribe”.

Artigo | 1 de March

It is widely known that the overwhelming majority of domestic violence victims is composed by women, and the number of victims is shocking: since the beginning of 2019, 12 women and 1 child have already been murdered.

Artigo | 1 de March

The list of Bloco de Esquerda for the 2019 European elections is headed by MEP Marisa Matias, and respects gender parity with 11 women and 10 men. 

Artigo | 8 de January

Chris Bambery remembers the life of Portuguese revolutionary, Bruno da Ponte.

Artigo | 12 de November

The 4th edition of the International Ecosocialist Encounters will take place in Lisbon, Portugal, at Escola Secundária Camões, on the 23rd, 24th and 25th of november. This event will have more than 60 speakers from five different continents to discuss proposals and experiences of international ecosocialists.

Artigo | 19 de July

João Semedo, former co-leader of Bloco de Esquerda, died on 17th July, 2018, after some years fighting cancer.

Artigo | 11 de April

In an interview with, Gonzalo Gomez, spokesman for Marea Socialista, denounced that the Venezuelan Constituent Assembly is "adapting the Venezuelan political and economic regime to the interests of the bureaucracy and its process of assimilation to capital." The government of Nicolás Maduro deepens the extractive policy and the transnationals expelled by Chavez return. By Luis Leiria.