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Artigo | 29 de April

O debate de terça-feira contou com a participação de sete profissionais de saúde, anotou constragimentos e lançou propostas para reforçar o Serviço Nacional de Saúde, com mais meios humanos e respeito pelas suas carreiras.

Artigo | 21 de April

The decisions taken by the Eurogroup were limited to a package of debt instruments, some of which are the result of initiatives already known to the Commission, in addition to the use of the European Stability Mechanism. This mechanism currently practices a higher interest rate (0.76) than that of the most recent emission made by the Portuguese State of seven-year Treasury bonds.

Artigo | 21 de April

The health crisis emerging from the Covid-19 outbreak has and will have a strong impact in several realms of society, from the economy, to the labour market and social protection, among others. In Portugal, the first case of infection was detected on March 2nd and since March 19th the country has been under a State of Emergency.

Artigo | 1 de April

This measure results in a temporary residence permit and avoids crowding of the public at the SEF (Serviço de Estrangeiros e Fronteiras – Immigration and Borders Service)  during the pandemic. Beatriz Dias, Bloco’s MP, welcomes the decision that guarantees access to social benefits for many "migrant people who work and contribute to social security revenues".