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Artigo | 26 de February

For the first time, the left-wing parties have voted for a State Budget. The discussion on the details has begun and the final vote will happen next Friday.

Artigo | 15 de February

In a country where wage inequality rates are amongst the highest in Europe, the million-euro salaries of high official are an insult to social democracy. By Heitor de Sousa.

Artigo | 12 de February

In the colonial model, there is no room for compromise, only combat, which is the only way in which the people can be freed. By Pedro Filipe Soares.

Artigo | 10 de February

An infographic depicting the major changes the Portuguese State Budget for 2016 will bring to the people.

Artigo | 8 de February

Marisa Matias dared, and with her boldness showed that, in politics as in life, the scrip is not yet written. By Mariana Mortágua.

Artigo | 5 de February

The proposed State Budget for 2016 confirms the return of income agreed between the Socialist Party and the Left Bloc. introduces the measures that will have an impact on the budget over the coming months.

Artigo | 4 de February

Just as the Chief Whip of the Socialist Party announces the end of technical discussions on the State Budget in Brussels, the IMF tries to pressure Portugal to maintain austerity.

Artigo | 4 de February
The Portuguese government explains the European Commission reaction to the State Budget draft as an attempt to set an example for the Spanish Socialist Party.
Artigo | 3 de February

Here are the consequences of a possible rejection of the draft of the Portuguese State Budget for 2016 presented to Brussels by the Socialist Party.

Artigo | 3 de February

The Portuguese government has proposed to the European Commission changes to the original draft of the State Budget for 2016. Brussels continues to threaten to reject the document.

Artigo | 2 de February

The government will meet with all parliamentary parties to discuss the State Budget draft for 2016. At the same time, meetings will be held in Brussels with the European Commission, which is threatening to reject the document.

Artigo | 2 de February

The President announced he would return the laws about abortion and adoption by gay couples to Parliament. All the left wing parties of the parliamentary majority announced they will schedule the discussion urgently, forcing the President to promulgate the laws, against his will, before his term ends.

Artigo | 2 de February

The presidential election represented a defeat for the left, as Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, TV’s most known commentator for the past ten years in the country, was elected President. The PS, divided in two faction candidates (pro-left and pro-right, that is, for and against the current PS Government, supported in Parliament by the left), summed up 27,8%. The PC’s backed candidate didn’t go beyond 3,95%, while the Left Bloc’s backed candidate, the MEP Marisa Matias, achieved a 10,1% result, coming up third and achieving it best presidential result ever. By João Camargo.

Artigo | 1 de February

Consumer organisation Deco announced the number of debt-ridden families who asked for their help over the past year. New laws have been presented in Parliament to protect these families from foreclosures and evictions.