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Artigo | 29 de January

In order to sell Novo Banco, there will always be PSD support. But the government also has, in Parliament, a majority to defend Portugal from predators. Novo Banco should not be sold. By Jorge Costa.

Artigo | 28 de January

We live in a country of moderation. Only the Left is radical, because the Right is always considered, centrist, sensible and, well, moderate. By Mariana Mortágua.

Artigo | 27 de January

Following the agreement between the Socialist Party and the Left Bloc, the social electricity rate will be assigned automatically to include half a million families after cross-referencing data from the tax and social security authorities.

Artigo | 27 de January

Lifelong pension schemes for former Members of Parliament (MPs), available since 1985, ended twenty years later but with a transitional period to protect those who could have benefitted from it while it was available. Here are the responses of each political party to the debates. By Luís Branco.

Artigo | 26 de January

The government expects to submit the State Budget to parliament in the beginning of February. Brussels said it demands a deficit below 2.8% and the German bank Commerzbank predicts Portugal will find itself in the same situation as Greece. The leftist parties warn that the Budget will have to mirror the agreement they struck with the government.

Artigo | 24 de January

With 99.4% of the votes counted, Marisa Matias obtained 10.12% of voter support and was the third most voted candidate.

Artigo | 22 de January

We need to stop taxpayers’ money acting as a guarantee that mismanagement in private banking is a crime that pays. By Mariana Mortágua.

Artigo | 21 de January

Presidential candidate Maria de Belém was one of thirty MPs from the PS and the PSD who asked to keep the privilege of life-long subventions for former MPs. Supporters of Sampaio da Nóvoa and Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa are also on the list.

Artigo | 20 de January

The plan imposed by the European Commission, with the intervention from the Bank of Portugal and governmental approval, had a clear goal: to benefit Santander. By Francisco Louçã.

Artigo | 15 de January

After the Portuguese general election last October it seemed unlikely that the actual outcome could have made such a long run. The Socialist Party, led by Antonio Costa, had to choose between its utter surrender to the center-right or a shift to the left, pressured by the relative majority of the right-wing coalition that governed in Portugal during the troika years on the one side, and a rising left on the other. By João Camargo.

Artigo | 14 de January

This week civil servant trade unions met with government to demand restitution of cuts made by the previous right-wing government.

Artigo | 13 de January

A parliamentary motion on condemning political oppression in Angola, presented by the Left Bloc was rejected by votes from the PCP, PSD and CDS, together with abstentions from the PS. Motions on condemning nuclear tests by North Korea, put forward by the Left Bloc, the PSD and CDS, were also approved.

Artigo | 12 de January

Santander bank has benefitted from a solution imposed by the ECB and the Bank of Portugal over an offer from the North American Apollo Fund which would have saved the state 1.7bn.

Artigo | 11 de January

The Left Bloc's vote of condolence pays homage to Sêvê Demir, Pakize Nayir and Fatma Uyar, feminists and Kurdish movement activists who were killed by the Turkish regime.

Artigo | 8 de January

Parliament discussed a proposal presented by the Left Bloc banning tax authorities from selling homes of families with tax debts. A Socialist Party law on the same subject, which goes beyond what was originally written in the government programme, was also voted.

Artigo | 2 de January

The party voted against the proposed balanced budget amendment presented by the Minister of Finance, along with the Communist Party (PCP) and the Greens (PEV), signatories of the agreement which enabled this government. The proposal was only approved due to the abstention of PSD.