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2015/11/13 - 2:19pm

Now that the motions of rejection have brought down the right-wing government, what is going to happen next at the Portuguese parliament?

2015/11/12 - 5:45pm

In an interview last night, Catarina Martins said “our commitment is very serious and stable”, highlighting that Bloc will never fail on “a Government that is giving back income, protecting Welfare State and not conducting any privatisations, even if I don’t agree with everything”.

2015/11/11 - 4:24pm

The full contents of the agreement signed between the Socialist Party and the Left Bloc can be read here.

2015/11/10 - 6:20pm

The right-wing government, formed by the coalition of the Social Democrats and the Christian Democrats, was the shortest-lived government in the history of Portuguese democracy.

2015/11/10 - 11:38am

The outcome of the agreement signed is fundamental as much as it is historical: after the horror of austerity, a new page is being turned. By Francisco Louçã.

Photo by Paulete Matos
2015/11/09 - 12:17pm

The government allowed for an increase of the pensions paid to the members of the former Board of Directors of BES, a bank that went bankrupt in 2014. Mariana Mortágua, MP for the Left Block, demands to know why and who will pay for the “immoral pensions”.

2015/11/08 - 3:02pm

António Costa, leader of the Socialist Party, announced his government programme and listed some of the measures agreed with Left Bloc and the Communist Party

Foto de Paulete Matos
2015/11/07 - 6:44pm

Marisa Matias, Left Bloc’s MEP, has announced that she is running for president.

Foto de Paulete Matos
2015/11/07 - 2:19pm

Left Bloc’s Political Committee has approved the agreement achieved within negotiations with the Socialist Party. As far as Left Bloc is concerned, negotiations were concluded and the agreement reached protects working conditions, wages and pensions.

Foto de José Sena Goulão/Lusa
2015/11/06 - 11:30am

The Portuguese center-right ultraliberal government, won a relative majority in the 4th of October general election. In second place came the Socialist Party, with 32.4%. The biggest surprise and strongest rise was the Left Bloc, which had 10.2% of the vote with 551 000 votes, followed by the Communist Party, with 8.3%. 

2015/11/06 - 11:24am

In this article, we shall present information which allows the reader to get a clear picture of how and in which political climate the Left Bloc was founded and how it has developed.

2015/11/06 - 11:16am

Starting today, will have a page in English. We shall publish daily contents so that readers who do not understand Portuguese, but who are interested in the national politics, can follow the political situation of the country and of the Left Bloc.