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European Commission presses Portugal to prevent left-wing agreement in Spain

The Portuguese government explains the European Commission reaction to the State Budget draft as an attempt to set an example for the Spanish Socialist Party.
Pablo Iglesias, Marisa Matias and Catarina Martins. Photo by Paulete Matos.

According to the government, Brussels’ surprising reaction is no more than an attempt to prevent Spanish socialist and leftwing parties from reaching an agreement similiar to the one signed in Portugal in order to bring impoverishment and austerity measures into a halt.

Pressure from the European Popular Party on the European Commission, as shown by the president of the Commission Jean-Claude Junker’ stance, aims at making it clear there will me no indulgence whatsoever towards a government supported by left-wing parties. The ultimate goal is to refrain the Spanish Socialist Party from opting for a “Portuguese style” solution, supported by Podemos. The Spanish Popular Party is a member of the European Popular Party, as well as the two right wing parties in Portugal, PSD and CDS.

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