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European Commission cancels sanctions to Portugal and Spain

The European Commission met today and decided to cancel the sanctions that were going to be applied. President of the Eurogroup is “disappointed” with the decision.
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The European Commission decided in a meeting this Wednesday to cancel the application of sanctions to Portugal and Spain for excessive deficit. Jeroen Dijsselbloem, president of the Eurogroup, said he was “disappointed” with the Commission’s recommendation.

Pedro Filipe Soares, Left Bloc’s Chief Whip, said that “this decision is a defeat to all those in Portugal and in Europe who did everything within their power for the application of sanctions to the country. Therefore, this cancelation is, above all, a defeat for all those who were against the country and against our people”.

The MP mentioned how it is worth fighting and that “eventually, if in the past there had been an attitude of defense of our people and our country, the results would have been different”.

“This is a positive step, but there is still a long road ahead”, he added. Pedro Filipe Soares referred to the fact that in September, the European Commission will decide, with the European Parliament, if, or which, structural funds it will suspend as a sanction.

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